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InvokeAV is multi-disciplinary creative design:  


                                              Interactive development & creative computing;       

                                                                                         Audio design & engineering;       

                                                                                                                 Generative composition & procedural generation;​​   

Invoke overlaps the borders of all of the above. ​​​​


To talk of audio-visual design is to talk of four dimensional composition - you are concerned with both space and time. The whole created by their union is more powerful than the sum of the parts; design of both needs to consider both in their respective implementations to maximise effect and affect. This is true across physical, digital and mixed realities.

With this in mind, authenticity through emotivity, scalability with a deep attention to detail, and exploration through iterative experimentation and modularity are the key tenets of everything Invoke stands for and strives to create. 

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