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Creative Coding 2 Week 3: Python Riddle and JUCE

The assignment this week was to create a riddle to be solved using Python, inspired by the Python Challenge. Possibly a bit convoluted, but I did not want to make it too simple to solve. Requires Python, some internet searching and one bit of general/pub quiz knowledge that non-UK residents might find tricky, but if you look hard enough there is a big hint somewhere here. Answer is at the bottom (but no solution).

The Riddle

It's the tube, dude! In London there are 11 tube lines and 270 stations. Eothjgjbt ja Sxjogviy.

Tube Dude.jpg

Put your ear to the ground. Listen for the palindromic undulations of the eleven great worms. Count them, plus all their nests. Now, go backwards that far.

Fmjh oczdm hjno amzlpziozy npwozmmvizvi yzi, czvy Njmoc oj Sxjogviy. Soviy jpondyz ocz bvozn viy dicvgz, rcvo yj tjp nhzgg?

Continuing with Learning the JUCE Framework:

Continued my exploration of the JUCE framework by following this tutorial series on creating a subtractive synth from scratch by The Audio Programmer. The aim being to follow along and make my own adjustments to better understand both the anatomy of a JUCE project and get my head in the low level C++ zone.

So far with the help of the tutorials I have made a basic single oscillator synth VST3 with ADSR controls. In the future I aim to add waveform selection and more voices, as well as coarse and fine pitch controls.

Press f to pay respects

First plugin creation with JUCE.

Riddle Answer


Why is the answer coffee?

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