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Publishing my work and having it referenced by others

I recently submitted a research paper about my work on Simulacra to the EVA London conference (Holtum, 2020), unfortunately the actual event will not be taking place but the publication of my paper will still go ahead. Furthermore, my work on Simulacra and The Hill That Bleeds are both being cited by Jon Weinel as examples of how game engines can be used to deliver audio-visual experiences of music in his EVA paper (Weinel, 2020) and in a forthcoming chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Video Game Music (Weinel, 2023). It is very exciting to have academics interested in the work I am doing with Unity and hopefully getting to discuss my work on such a platform can ony be beneficial to my practice, both in terms of exposure but also in terms of honing my craft and meeting like minded individuals with whom I can share ideas.

Development screenshot from Simulacra.

Holtum, C. (2020, in press) Simulacra: Using game development software to create audio-visual performance tools, EVA London 2020 (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts).

Weinel, J. (2020, in press) Visualising Rave Music in Virtual Reality: Symbolic and interactive approaches, EVA London 2020 (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts).

Weinel, J. (2023, forthcoming) Visualising Music with Video Game Technologies. In: Gibbons, W. and Grimshaw-Aagaard, M. (2023) The Oxford Handbook of Video Game Music and Sound. New York: Oxford University Press

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