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Streaming First Performance of Simulacra & What I've Learnt

Tonight I am performing Simulacra in its current state via Twitch as part of an online performance by a collective of students and lecturers at London South Bank University. I think the learning process of streaming, as well as the act, will be beneficial to my creative practices. Raising my artisic profile is a benefit that speaks for itself and having my material accessible on as many different platforms as possible is a one way of achieving it. Also, during the process of preparing for this event I have had to learn a few new pieces software/technologies quite quickly.

First was OBS (see links) which I will be using alongside Loopback to stream my audio and video from the program. This broadcast software is incredibly versitile and widely used across a number of sectors, certainly a good one to have added to the repertoire. Loopback I was already familiar with for internal audio routing, a great piece of software highly recommended.

Second was learning some things about Twitch itself, such as setting up a bot and capturing clips. Both are excellent ways of increasing traffic through my various links: Bots allow me to have a pre defined answer to members of the invited audience who I want to provide with a brief explaination, however it also covers questions from anybody else who might wander into the performance, such as:"what game is this?", "what am i watching?" etc.


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