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Computational Environments Week 5: The Great Outdoors

"Let nature speak with its own authentic voices."

R. M. Schafer,

The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World, p.247.

------------> Video Demo <------------

The cynosure of my playable outdoors experience

Assignment for the week was to create a playable experience in an outdoor space, either physical or digital. Opting for CGI I created a desolate landscape in Unity, considering the impacts of climate change on the environment and humanity. Speculation is a post-apocalyptic ASMR simulator, in which players are able to wander across primal landscapes, observing humanity's remains and impacts. Landscapes that thrived, and those that never recovered.

The lightning was achieved with the Digital Ruby procedural lightning asset from the Unity Asset Store, that I hacked a bit to play audio from FMOD.

Wanted to attempt to implement ideas learned from the critical studies module in the theory crafting of this work. The principle idea being to include as many modes of play, either explicitly or implicitly afforded, as possible so as to accommodate for as many play styles as possible. Being totally universal is not possible, but by including options for exploring (by foot or fly cam), view or soundscape finding and cryptic clues pertaining to a larger puzzle the project could potentially accommodate for a wide range of players.

Also considered the idea of reinforcing the idea of respect for nature by implanting the notion of EvP (environment versus player) in which the lightning strikes and tornados (work in progress) are deadly to the player, but are not enemies that can be dispatched.

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