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Improving my C# Coding

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

As somebody who hadn't studied maths since GCSE, learning how to code always felt very daunting. When I first started dipping my toes into the world of Unity and C# I was focussed on getting my code working, not efficiency. When planning my current Unity project, Simulacra, I realised it would need a lot more complex interactions than my previous creation, The Hill That Bleeds, and tried from the outset to avoid unecessary code. I figured that creating modular code that was reusable for the majority of applications would help effieiciency. This was confirmed and further explained by the following video:

I recently discovered this fantastic video and the explanation of singletons and dependencies confirmed many things I had only suspected up until that point (as I lacked the vocabulary necessary to research further). I had already been using a simillar approach, but this has inspired me to attempt a rebuild of my audiovisual events system from the ground up, in doing so I am hoping to further develop both the audiovisual performance system I am making for Simulacra and my own coding practices.

The video also features the use of LeanTween ( ), a free powerful and flexible animation tool for Unity. I am keen to explore it's uses for my own projects and to increase my knowledge of animation tools further. This something I see as very important, given the close link required between animation and sound.

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