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Sample Pack Market Research

I have recently been considering the possibility of selling custom made audio sample packs aimed at video game development. The options for distribution appear to be selling it directly from my website or using a 3rd part website. The latter is appealing as it would almost certainly result in higher traffic and greater exposure for the sample pack itself and for my website. Some options I have considered are using the Unity asset store, or something like Bandcamp (like the very popular I am slightly more in favour of using the Unity asset store, allowing me to sell directly to game developers.

I have conducted some market research about the people and organisations behind some of the best selling sample packs on the Unity asset store, so as to help inform me as to the best approaches. Considering such variables as size of sample pack, price, audio format and theme.


Have some of the more popular audio sample packs on the Unity asset store, all asset packs priced between €5 and €20. Deliver their files as 16 bit wavs at 44.1kHz. Most popular packs are user interface (UI) sounds, sci fi sound effects and a magic spells sample pack - seemingly things that are quite hard to design and impossible to go out and record.

Their sample pack bundle is the most popular on the asset store and includes all their prveious releases for under €20. Behind that UI sound effects are the most popular individual pack. Very simillar pricing structure to Cafofo Music, also delivering with the same file specifications.

Simillar buisness model to the two above, albeit slightly more expensive. This seems to be justified by considering the AAA titles that the sound designer has worked on previously. With gun sounds being the best selling individual sound pack (again something tricky to record oneself). However, no file specifications available.


From a brief look into the buisness practices of other sound designers who have also chosen to host their sound packs on the Unity asset store it is clear to see that the best selling sound packs are user interface sounds and sounds for fictional universes (fantasy and sci-fi), i.e. sounds that are particuarly tricky to design or record for hobbyists. UI sound design could be an interesting place to start, perhaps UI sounds aimed at a particular genre/setting of video game; there are numerous sci-fi UI sound packs and a few fantasy ones so it may be wise to try and find a different theme around which I can base my UI sound design. Also given the popularity of asset bundles it might make sense to release mutliple sound packs based on popular themes at the same time so that customers can begin saving money straight away.

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